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Four walls

Accessible homes for all.

The huge number of people migrating to cities from their villages makes the need for an accessible home an immediate necessity. This project explores the possible design solutions to solve this in the Indian context. This also an attempt to make the design more accessible to people.


Space Design, UI/UX design/ Design Research, Accessible Design.


Social service, System design, Digital product, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).


National Institute of Design, Bengaluru.


The formations of smaller families and children leaving behind their parents in their homes makes it important to build a suitable environment for the elderly. Certain architectural standards for building inclusive homes are available in print and online but the data is not accessible to the common public. Mostly it is too technical and not easily implementable. Moreover the data does not provide solutions for easy homemade solutions to solve simple problems.In this project all this wisdom is consolidated into an interactive digital platform which follows  certain Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). This was an attempt to improve the accessibility of the design.

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