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Design Award

India, Finalist

Defeating deafness

Empowering the deaf.

This is a project to empower the deaf for their daily life by creating design solutions by amalgamating smart technology into it. Research was mainly focused on the problems faced by deaf children in India. The project aimed at inventing a cheap solution for these students.


Industrial Design, Design Research, Accessible Design.


Social service, Inclusive design.


Chandrasekhar Institute of Speech and Hearing, Bengaluru.

Namita Verma, Ghufran Ahmed.


This project is research oriented with the expected outcome of gaining insights into the life of the Deaf in India. The lion's share of the project time was spent on systematically collecting the data. The next step was to apply the design knowledge into developing conceptual solutions. The research revealed a lot of areas which need urgent involvement from the designers and other experts. After recognising these areas some thoughts were put together to develop some solutions. Most of the solutions of this project are easily implementable if adequate financial support is received from a good sponsor.

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