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A child's dream comes true!

Children play with things all the time.
What if this play can be transformed into a beautiful painting? This is what Paletteballet does. It is a tool that allows children to let out their inner artist.  


Industrial Design, Craft Design, Accessible Design.


Toy, Consumer goods, ​Stationary.


Pranav Bidwe (Content creation)

Ghufran Ahmed (Title and Video creation).


Palleteballet started as a project to improve the way in which children make their artwork. A workshop was conducted to understand how they paint. The activity was closely observed and recorded. Thoughts were put into improving this experience into a better one and Palleteballet was born. The skill of traditional Channapatna artisans was an essential part of this project. The project won the merit award In January 2019 for the best Industrial Design at Tokyo, Japan in a competition held by Kokuyo International. The product was chosen from around 1289 world-wide entries.

It all started with the dream of making a painting kit that children will love to use.

The painting kit that would make every painting look good.

A workshop was conducted to see how children paint.

And finally! Inspired from the forms of  Mother Nature, the new designs were made.

The skilful hands of Channapatna artisans helped to make these sketches to real objects. 

They turned wood to beautiful pieces.

They applied lacquer and leaf to polish it.

The all natural, sustainable product was thus born.

And Voilà! 

See how beautiful they are.The lustre, the form and the way it holds in the hand.

It has 5 pigment boxes which hold 5 main colours. 

Drop some powder of colour into the mixer. Add water.

You can, at times add two colours to get a mix.

Pick the colour with a brush.

The new tool splashes colours like crazy.

It will last longer than any other painting kit in the market.

Fill the colours in the containers again and again.

When done, pack it up in the all natural jute bag.

Or pour the mixture into the Spinner.

Let us see some action now!

These paintings prove that children love the process of painting, not the end result.
This finding urged me to think of creating a better painting kit.



Some people helped a lot in making this project a reality. Pooja, Sreenivas, Mogana (Craftsmen) and a lot of other people. 


Beyond Boundaries.

The project got international appreciation at Kokuyo Design Awards. It won the Merit Award for the best Industrial Design competing against 1289 designs from all over the world. 

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