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An immersive painting kit for children


This project started off as a normal industrial design project. The focus was on creating an interesting painting kit for children. As the project progressed I learned a lot about the child psychology and design methodology. Making the right decisions from the vast knowledge acquired through reading and real world experience had to be put into the practice of designing. The Bauhaus model of ideation and prototyping one after another was followed in this project. It gave good results too. The artisans of Channapatna helped. Their expertise in the craft of making toys helped to make prototypes quickly. 

Paletteballet was a great attempt as the first and second prototype was successfully in the real world. It got international appreciation for the best design in the KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD 2018. This was a happy moment for all the people who were the part of this project.


An interactive  installation with tangible objects

Design is also an art. What if we build a design which has all the artistic essence in it? That most important quality that the design should have is this: IT SHOULD BE EASILY UNDERSTOOD BY THE PEOPLE. If this is achieved the common public will not think that art is just for big thinkers and the highly educated. The tree of life was an attempt towards this goal of making art, democratic. 


This project was done in collaboration with EVY DESIGN STUDIO, PARIS and Ravi Deepres for the International Open Elective Exhibition (IOEL) conducted every year in the Eames Hall of NID, Ahmedabad. Traditional and modern manufacturing techniques were used to create the installation. Wire turning, bending, welding, laser cutting, 3D printing, ambient lighting were some of the techniques used. This project proved that anything can be mixed together if it is properly planned and executed with a concrete goal in mind.


Modern technology for a social cause


As designers we have to help other people achieve their goals. What if the knowledge and expertise in design can be utilised to invent products that would empower disabled people? What if these simple objects can build confidence amongst these people. DEFEATING DEAFNESS was such a project. 


The project was focused on researching into the problems faced by the deaf population in India and to create conceptual solutions for them. The project turned out to be a large scale study and our team had to stop at one point and focus on some possible, practical solutions. Another important aspect of this project is the amalgamation of smart innovative technology in this project. Use of Arduino boards, haptic and tactile feedback sensors in this project helped to gain a basic understanding in those technologies. 

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